PyX — Examples: Path features

In this section we demonstrate the capabilities of paths in PyX. The goal is to give an overview of those operations that are intrinsic to paths and do not affect their drawing on a canvas.

Overview for this section


Adding and joining paths

The result of this example looks the same as the pathitem example from the Basic drawing section. However, we are using a different approach to construct the paths in this example: we add and join paths. more ...


Arc length of a path

In this example we use the arclen method of the path instance p1 to get the arc length and create a straight line p2 with the same arc length. more ...


Positions along a path

There are several methods to access certain positions at a path. At first there are atbegin and atend methods, which return a coordinate tuple. more ...


Splitting paths

In this example we use the split method of a path to split it into several paths. Similar to the at method you can pass a list of numbers to the split method (or PyX length instances) to specify the splitting point by the arc length more ...


Intersection points between paths

The intersect method of a path allows for the calculation of intersection points between this path and the second path passed to the intersect method. more ...