PyX — Examples: Split axes

Split axes can be used to build axes containing axis breaks. While split axes work exactly like bar axes (they even share the same code except for the painter), their usage differs. A split axes has a tuple as its data value. The first value of the tuple identifies a sub-axis (for example by a unique integer) and the second is the value to be passed to the sub-axis. (For a bar axis, internally this is basically the same, but there the styles take care of the wrapping of the data into those tuples.)

Note: Currently the graph styles are not aware of axis breaks. A generic notification mechanism for graph styles should be added at a later point.

Overview for this section


Minimal split-axis example

This minimal example creates a split-axis by two simple modifications. more ...


Split axis at certain values

A typical use-case for a split axis is to use some special positions on the axis to mark the axis breaks. more ...