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Enlarge the surrounding of a textbox

from pyx import *

tbox = text.text(0, 0, r"Boxed text")
tpath = tbox.bbox().enlarged(3*unit.x_pt).path()

c = canvas.canvas()
c.draw(tpath, [deco.filled([color.cmyk.Yellow]), deco.stroked()])


This example introduces the concept of the textbox, which is a canvas-like structure containing the text and its surrounding path and reference point. We demonstrate how to enlarge the surrounding box a little and use it as a decoration of the path.

The textbox is a specialized version of the box concept which has been introduced into PyX in a preliminary version. In the example, we obtain the bounding box (this is a bbox instance, not to be mixed up with the box) and enlarge it a bit. We then draw the path of the bounding box.

In future releases of PyX, the boxes will have generic support for enlarging. The syntax will then be

tpath = tbox.enlarged(3*unit.x_pt).path()

An alternative, geometrically different approach to enlarging the textbox path is via an appropriate transformation, such as

tbox = text.text(0, 0, r"Boxed text", [text.halign.boxcenter, text.valign.middle])
tpath = tbox.path().transformed(trafo.scale(1.5, 1.5, 0, 0))